Please ship via USPS or your local post. I can’t accept shipments from UPS or FedEx or DHL to my PO Box. Please insure your package for the relative value you feel adequate. When I ship back, I add insurance of $500 for each head as that is their value when fixed. Please remove the stylus screw and wrap them in bubble wrap separate from the cutterhead. All too often, when shipped in the cutterhead, the end of the screw gets bent which must then be corrected. Please pack appropriately with plenty of cushioning. Once sent, please supply me with the tracking number via email. Do not ship anything else including: mounting brackets, mounting screws or other spare parts. Please do include wire connectors if you have them.

Once the head arrives, I will perform an assessment and send it to you with pictures if necessary. Any issues that require additional work/attention or cloning of parts are billed at an additional cost. The base fee for full service is $400 plus shipping. Full service includes: complete disassembly, ultrasonic washing of all parts, polishing of external covers, polishing of vital parts, newly machined Nylon bobbins, newly made coils to your specification (4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm, 500 Ohm), recharging of magnet, re-assembly, calibration, and documentation of the entire process. I typically send pics as the work progresses and make a video of the final bench tests.

Sometimes parts are damaged or simply worn out. In this case, I will let you know and supply images. I can now clone nearly all the internal parts that typically end up being problematic including: set screws, locking screws, damper screws, damper retaining discs, springs and dampers. Cloning of parts is on a case by case basis with respect to cost. All cloning work is approved by you before being performed.

New dampers are available for Presto 1B, 1C, 1D and 5C cutterheads as well as some RCA’s, Recordio, Olson and Pierre Clement. I highly recommend a new damper with every repair. The cost is $25.

You pay once your cutterhead is repaired and demonstrated to be in working order to you via video before shipping back to you. Once you pay, I ship your cutterhead properly packaged to you via USPS insured priority mail. Once you get them back and have an opportunity to use them, an honest review on the Trolls site would be very helpful.