I can fix any mono cutterhead. Literally. I’ve worked on almost every type. And, I can reverse engineer any that I’ve not already seen. I’ve fully rebuilt in excess of 200 cutterheads. I take great care to restore each cutterhead to the best condition possible. Every part is thoroughly cleaned, polished, and attended to. Coils are made by to your specification (4, 8, 16 or 500 Ohm AC Impedance). Recharging of your magnet is included in the price for a full rebuild. Additionally, I can clone parts such as: case screws, set screws, dampers, wiring, and Presto Armatures. Cloned parts are an additional fee which is agreed to before work begins. Please have a look at the details page on the site for more information.

Starting February, 2018 and extending to August, 2018 I will be taking a break from repair work. I’m taking time to focus on my bringing own Professional Stereo Metal Cutterhead to market. Please have a look at http://mantra.audio for more details. In the meantime, I will accept heads. But, I will not be doing any work on them until August, 2018.

Note: I take full rebuild work only, I do not do “tune ups”, and I will not sell coils by themselves.

I guarantee my work. Defects (which are rare) are corrected free of charge. I do not warranty user blown coils.

I provide extremely High quality and reliable work for a reasonable price. Please feel free to contact me with questions or to arrange for service.